Thursday, March 8, 2012

Michigan Republican County Chairpersons are Resigning or Being Purged!

Currently there is a split with in the Republican Party of Michigan.  It is a battle between what some call RINOs  (Republican In Name Only) and those that call themselves true conservative Republicans.   The battle has been brewing for a while now but the casualties started coming in as of late last summer.

The first major casualty was when Macomb County Chairman Mike Ennis resigned his post.  He cited, his decision on the internal battles between 10th Congressional District Rep. Candice Miller and 10th Congressional District GOP Chairman Stan Grot. Miller’s allies were tossed out of party leadership positions in late 2010 and early 2011 by a new crop of conservative Republican activists – mostly Tea Party advocates – who were recruited by Grot.  
The following comes from conservative blogger R Al Bain:
Michigan GOP Chairman either Resigning or Purged!
It's no wonder why Alpena County GOP Chair resigns, Macomb County GOP chair quits! At the Monroe County Republican Party's 2008 County Convention the Conservative Chair was purged along with 13 Conservative Members of the Executive Committee for trying to take the Party in a Conservative direction from the Liberal direction it was in and that Liber
al direction continues to this day. This was no surprise being as it is the local party of Senate Majority leader and Senator Randy Richardville. It's interesting to note that this local party has been through several chairman since 1999 (first year Richardville elected to office as a state representative) that have either resigned or were purged! Senator Richardville's mother Glenda Kennon, has been first vice chair overseeing this party since Mr. Richardville was first elected to office in 1999.

Also of interest is that an email sent out (Click the PIC below to Read the email) by this first vice chair of this so-called Republican Party by Mr. Richardville's mother Mrs. Kennon
There is also descent in Monroe County.  Many are dissatisfied with Randy Richardville and his moderate view and his questionable connections to the Michigan movie industry.

In addition to county chairpersons falling, those that are State Party Officials may be out of a job. 

 Many are now calling for the removal of Bobby Schostak, the Michigan State Republican Chairman, in the upcoming convention later this spring. 

Also State National Committeeman, Saul Anuzis is also facing removal from the conservatives that are trying to take back the Republican Party.  

On Facebook, there are now well populated groups such as "Dump Saul Anuzis", "RINO Hunters", "Conservatives for legitimate GOP Leadership", and a renewed interest in "Stop the National Popular Vote". That last BTW, to repudiate the LEFTIST PROGRESSIVE efforts of Anuzis to change the electoral process, something that if effective in 2000 would have given us an Al Gore

Both Saul Anuzis and Bobby Schostak played a key role in the DELE-GATE scandal here in Michigan. 

Author J Gillman of writes, "
Bobby can pretend all he wants that he maintains integrity, when the most corrupt actions in current memory is happening right now under his watch. The worst cheating, and an attempt to manipulate the votes of grass roots voters in recent years by officials when THEIR guy didn't show a decisive win continues. Heck, even Mark Brewer is getting jealous about Schostaks new found ability for corruption, and is challenging him to a twitter duel through communications guy Matt Frendewey.
Brewer is mad because he no longer has the monopoly on shady underhandedness in Michigan.
And Schostak and company sold out to the dark side CHEAP."
It will be interesting to see which side wins over the next few months.  Will the Republican Party survive or will conservatives work together to form a new third party?

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